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Are you ready to start living a more conscious way of being.  Well, you have found the right site. I am here to guide you on your way to a more conscious lifestyle. My experiences with my clients and my experiences alone, I’ve created my own 3 step program to expand your Spiritual capabilities. With my guidance using the 3 step process you will learn to truly love yourself, allow spiritual and self growth and most importantly teach you how to manifest the life you want and deserve!

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We specialize in Life Transformation and offering Distance Reiki. Grow your spirituality and find your spiritual gifts.

Group 51

Life Transformation

Transforming your life involves going beyond the way you live and co-creating a better life with Spirit. By changing your thoughts your visualizations, words, faith and actions, or a combination of them.

Group 51

Distance Reiki

Reiki aids in relieving stress, anxiety and helps our life force (ki/chi) energy to flow properly. Positive energy flow into the body and a flow of negative energy out of the body.

Start Living Your Best Life

Are things in your life falling apart, do you feel confused, anxious or mind is full of chatter? If you said yes, you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening. I am here to help you. This is your opportunity to live the life you want! Traveling, high-end restaurants, boating, romantic partnership even closer families. Whatever they are I’ll teach you how to manifest your new life.

Our 3 Steps Process

By internet I personally guide you through my branded 3 step system to help you with self love, spiritual growth and manifesting your wants.

Group 53

Step 1

Learn how to love yourself and be who God made you to be.

Group 54

Step 2

Grow in your spirituality. Learn to be lead in life by spirit.

Group 55

Step 3

Teach you to manifest your dreams.

  • Heaven.sent.j provides expert guidance that is professional and caring. She goes beyond the boundaries of the sessions to seek out information that may be helpful and her sensitivity to needs means the challenges she sets are realistic. I would recommend her to anyone who is uncertain of where life is leading them!
    Jnay Ann Smith
  • Went through a break up and needed to get back on my feet. I was given great insight on how to put myself first. I was taught things will come together in a positive way in order to get back on track, become a stronger person, and use negative experiences as advantage to grow.
  • Janette is very professional and at the same time relatable and puts me at ease to open up and discuss my issues. I feel lighter and also a sense of relief.
  • The first time I met Janette I fell in love with her energy! I knew I had to ask what her secret was and she revealed that she was a Reiki healer. Just what I needed at the moment. I had a session with her for the first time, and it was an amazing time. I left energized and so relaxed! I would recommend her to anyone who needs that first initial step to feeling good!

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